An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life: Off to a Boring Start

01 Oct

The following blog post was retrieved from a server going out of service. Given the time that has elapsed since these posts were originally published, they are being reprinted here for your reading pleasure.

Originally Posted: Wednesday, October 1, 2003 at 8:16pm

I work just outside the city in an industrial park. The nearest company does something high tech and high security. Anyway, around noon today, I was at the counter helping a client, when my boss walked up and said:

“Gail, we’ve been asked to leave the building. Something’s happening next door.”

No alarms, no panic, just a calm request to run for our lives. No one else had clients, so they were already on their way out. I finished the deposit and my boss waited with me while I shut down my computer (no need to give away bank secrets just because of an emergency!).

The client practically ran out of the building, but my boss and I took our time, wandering over to the other side of the parking lot where the rest of my coworkers waited. Along with everyone else from the surrounding buildings, we watched the goings-on at the high tech company. The guards had cleared the area and weren’t letting people go to their cars. We could see a brown paper bag sitting on the sidewalk directly in front of the tech company’s doors. Several police cars, a fire truck, an ambulance, and a police van all arrived, more or less at the same time. The men in the van started to unpack what looked like a robot.

“It’s someone’s ham sandwich,” I said. “I’m going for lunch.”

My boss, enthralled with the action, nodded and waggled her fingers at me.

Since my lunch was actually inside the bank, I treated myself to half a turkey sub. When I got back, everything had been cleared.

“So what was it?” I asked my fellow teller as I restarted my computer.

“Chocolate chip muffins, I think,” she said.

“Thought so.”

Comments (2)

That’s it? That’s your big “let’s start at number one” opening move, Amanda? I can see why the Lapinis insisted on pushing through their young protégé — such brilliance! Gail, let me give you my condolences now for what’s will be a very uncomfortable transformation with Amanda here. Andrew

* * *

Gail, ignore Andrew. He’s just jealous that I got the assignment he wanted. Oh! And expect me for breakfast tomorrow. I want to see your “boringness” in action. Kisses! Amanda.


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