An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life: The Boring Details

05 Oct

The following blog post was retrieved from a server going out of service. Given the time that has elapsed since these posts were originally published, they are being reprinted here for your reading pleasure.

Originally Posted: Sunday, October 5, 2003 at 8:31pm

So, I’m supposed to get more detailed, eh? Well, let me tell you just how boring my Sunday was. I got up around 8am this morning and ate breakfast. Since I’d already eaten eggs this week, I ate my usual breakfast of yogurt with bran flakes. I felt a bit cheated, because there’s nothing quite like a soft boiled egg and strips of buttered toast for dipping, but a rule is a rule. Eggs only once a week.

At 9am, I went down to the condo pool and did laps. I’m not so good at regular exercise, but at least once a week I swim. I’ll never have a supermodel body, but I try to keep from looking completely round. I then sat in the hot tub, but I didn’t stay long because there were two guys in the jacuzzi with me who, I think, were cruising each other. So not something I needed to see on a Sunday morning. Or any morning.

By the time I was back upstairs, Dave had gotten home. He told me we were brunching at noon with three of his friends. At the restaurant, we waited in line for an hour before we sat down. To me, no meal is worth a wait that long, especially brunch. During the wait, I got to hear all about the latest couplings, uncouplings and groupings of Toronto’s gay scene, or at least Dave’s little corner of it.

When we finally got to eat, I ordered a club sandwich (having already eaten breakfast). They used baby spinach instead of lettuce, and a balsamic mayo — very tasty. The boys wanted to go shopping afterwards, so I went home. I think I’ve told you before how much I hate shopping, but it’s worth repeating. I’m somewhere between a size 6 and a size 10 depending on where I shop, and I have a weird waist. Actually I don’t have a waist. I’m short (5’2″) and my ribs basically sit right on my hips. I don’t have much in the way of breasts either. I’m not completely flat, but guys never have conversations with my chest. I think I’m supposed to feel good about that.

In the afternoon, I lost six games of Internet backgammon in a row, then Dave came home and we ate a lasagna I had cooked yesterday. Finally, after half an hour online, Dave went out on a date saying he’d see me tomorrow.

The dishes are now done and it’s only 8:30. I have at least one and half hours before bedtime. I can make tomorrow’s lunch and iron a skirt for work. That’ll take half an hour tops, leaving me an hour to see what’s on TV. It’s Sunday night, so I’ll likely end up watching some cheesy nature show.

There, is that detailed enough, Amanda?

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Yes, that’s great. I know you don’t understand, but it’ll become apparent soon. By the way, are you sure you’re 18? Bran flakes? Eggs only once a week? Honey, we so need to spice up your life. Kisses! Amanda


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