YA Fantasy Book Review: Stork by Wendy Delsol

11 Nov

Amazon didn’t have any new YA fantasy offerings for me this week so instead you get a book review. Actually, it’s more than a book review – it’s more of a “read this book now!” thing.

Last week I told you about my excited reaction to the sample of Wendy Delsol’s debut novel Stork, and then told you I wouldn’t read it until after I’d read a Spanish book from the library.

Well, I lied. On the bus home that day, not having anything else to read I started in on Stork and couldn’t stop. I normally try to limit my reading to bus rides so that I’m not spending ALL my time in English (too much time in English does a lot of harm to my already iffy Spanish). However, I couldn’t resist. The story pulled me in and didn’t let me go.

The main character goes from sarcastic whiner to caring young adult without it being too much of a stretch. By nature she’s obviously  happy and giving – she’s just pissed off at her change in circumstances – so it only takes the friendliness of a few people around her to to bring her out of her sulk.

Of course, gaining a (semi?) boyfriend doesn’t hurt. 😉

This growth mirrors the progression of her powers. She’s forced to act as a responsible adult when choosing a vessel for the next baby that’s to come to the community and that maturity can’t help but flow out into other areas of her life.

The supporting characters are all believable and each has enough of a unique voice that they don’t all merge into one. Plus although I had guessed the true villain early enough on, Delsol threw in enough distractions to make me doubt my guesses.

I have just one complaint – it wasn’t long enough. As the final confrontation came upon me I looked down at the progress bar in my Kindle and realized I was almost done. No! It wasn’t just because I was enjoying the book and the characters though. I feel the final conflict could have had an even stronger impact if I had been given a few more mini conflicts before the biggie. There was nothing wrong with the way Delsol chose to deliver the climax, but if I had my druthers (what a great word, no?), I would ask for a slightly longer second half of the second act.

The book ends, however, with the hint of a sequel, or even a whole series. And if we’re lucky Delsol is already working on the next Katla and Jack novel.

Check out the Kindle version of Stork on my Amazon site.

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