Kindle Roundup: What Amazon Recommends

26 Jan

This week, I went for something different. Given that I’ve bought a lot of books via my Kindle in the last six months, I thought I’d see what Amazon recommended. Not surprisingly, many of the authors are people I’ve been reading for the past twenty-five years: Patricia C. Wrede, Charles de Lint, Mercedes Lackey, Michelle Sagara, Robin McKinley and Patricia McKillip. There were also a few names that I recognized but have never read like Sherwood Smith and Patricia Briggs.

In the unknown list are Cameron Haley, Tess Oliver, M.K. Hobson, Chrisitna Henry, Kiersten White, Lauren Burd, Faith Hunter, Rachel Hawkins, Catherine Fisher, Amanda Hocking, Cassandra Clare, and Cliff Nielsen.

Before downloading anything I edited the rather long list. First, I skipped several of the Mercedes Lackey books as I grew out of the Valdemar series years ago and I’ve read all of the Patricia C. Wrede books. Mercedes Lackey, Michelle Sagara and Cameron Haley come in a three-novella pack and I don’t feel like novellas. Given I’m not a fan of the paranormal sub-genre, Kiersten White with her book Paranormalcy got cut. The books of Lauren Burd, Amanda Hocking and Faith Hunter seem like a vampire stories so also got cut. Hex Hall sounds like a highschool witch series which I would rather see on TV than read about. Incarceron is a dystopian prison novel and I’m not into prison novels of any sort, no matter how good it might be (or that it’s going to soon be a movie). And I’ve already previously decided against Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare and Cliff Nielsen.

That leaves me with:

  • A Posse of Princesses & Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith
  • The Bards of Bone Plain by Patricia McKillip
  • Pegasus by Robin McKinley
  • Masques & Wolfsbane by Patricia Briggs
  • Camille & Safe Landing by Tess Oliver
  • The Native Star by M.K. Hobson
  • Black Wings by Christina Henry
  • The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint
  • Troubled Waters by Sharon Shinn

So, that’s my first cut elimination process. Tomorrow I’ll go through the actual samples and make further decisions.

Who’ll make the cut? Which of those would you recommend?

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