Kindle Roundup: New Fantasy Titles

09 Feb

This week there was only one new release in the Amazon Teen Fantasy Kindle section, so I went over to the General Fantasy area and downloaded samples from there. I have to say that I wasn’t that impressed.

The Sea Watch by Adrian Tchaikovsky: Not off to a good start. The first two sentences have something happening to the main character. “What the boy remembered was…” and “Paladrya was pushing from behind…” I suppose I could have read more, but I’m sick with a sinus cold and have even less patience than usual for stories that don’t grab me right away. Next!

Timeless Conflict by Ute Perkins: We get a body that’s been stripped down to sinew and then we’re dropped into a summary of the history the relationship of two FBI agents. Please don’t tell me about them. Let that information come out naturally. I felt like I was being introduced to them by an over-eager party host: “You remember Marcus and Travis, don’t you? Marcus and Travis have been partners for years and are like family to each other.” Next!

Roots Run Deep by A.J. Walker: This one starts with a description of a goblin ghetto and a quick summary of the politics of the situation. Again, let this stuff come as part of the story, people. Don’t force it in with a shoehorn, especially not on the first page. (Yes, I am extra cranky today.) Next!

Never Knew Another by J.M. McDermott: This one is probably the best of the bunch this week but still it didn’t grab me. It appears to be about a demon-hunting husband and wife team who may not be human themselves. Actually, it’s not bad at all, quite lyrical in style and original in its voice. But just not my style. So it gets a Next! but not for the same reason as the rest.

Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leicht: Another well written one but it starts in the violence of early 1970s Northern Ireland protests. Not my thing. At all. Next!

The Key to Tantalis: Here we get a description of a box. “A wooden box. It had all started with one small, beautiful wooden box.” Now this may be my crankiness, but who the *insert appropriate swear word here] cares about a box? Not me, not today. Next!

The Far Side of Evil by Sylvia Engdahl: The only YA entry in this week’s list and it’s not a new book. It’s one that’s been in and out of print since 1971 (what’s with that date this week?). Another well written book and given the number of reprints, quite popular (although I’ve never heard of the author). But the style and alien-visitor-trying-to-save-the-planet main character don’t hold my attention enough to warrant purchasing it. Next!

Except that once again we’re at the end of the list. Last week I said that I’d read the Hocking book and review it to see if it lives up to its hype and the answer, for me, is no. Take a look at my reasons why on Monday’s book reviews post.

See you next week!

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