Friday Flash: Death & Happiness

11 Feb

Hannah didn’t know what she hated more, being dead or being happy.

She could accept one but not the other. Both together was just too much and her practical mind would shut off before comtemplating the two realities. Habit insisted that she choose the death focus and ignore the happiness, but the constant joy that refused to leave her incorporeal body overruled her practical side and couldn’t believe that it was dead.

This not surprisingly left Hannah frustrated and unsure of what to do. Which made her cranky. She had always known what to do. From her earliest memories she had always been one hundred percent certain of her actions. This shouldn’t have changed just because she had died. Before happiness had struck her down, she would have said that when she died she would go to Heaven where she could help God keep the world free from the Devil’s chaos.

But here she was, a happy ghost with no Heaven and nothing to organize.

And the most irritating part of it all? She didn’t care. She was happy, deliriously so and that dominated every other emotion, including the frustration she felt at being so joyous.

When people used to tell her that ghosts were lost souls who needed to resolve their issues before moving on, she would answer that it was all BS and anyone in that situation just needed to get their crap together and get over it.

She had no issues. Her life had been exactly as she had wanted it, ordered and organized. It wasn’t her problem that no one else could be like her, so why would it carry into the afterlife? No, it wasn’t her fault. It was the happiness. If it weren’t for all this excess ecstasy, she would have moved on by now. Of course if it weren’t for the excess happiness she wouldn’t have been dead in the first place, but she couldn’t do anything about that now.

There was, therefore, only one possible solution. She had to unload the happiness as quickly as possible. Which unfortunately was easier said than done.

She first tried passing it onto the first ghost she found. It had been a pathetic thing, all dark and moaning. Dead from a drug overdose, the creature was all paranoia and darkness. A perfect object for a happiness injection, no? Pass along the happiness, take away the paranoia and both of them could pass on to Heaven (or likely Hell in the addict’s case). But when she explained the situation and the offer, the thing screeched then launched itself at her. If they’d had bodies, it would have done some serious damage too, but by having no physical form they passed through each other and the whole experience only succeeded in increasing Hannah’s happiness. First because she considered herself lucky not to be such a waste of a ghost and second because her ghost state had saved her from getting hurt.

She then tried to talk to a different ghost, one a little less crazy but the dead woman had just politely thanked her and said that “everyone must walk their own road” or some similar trope and sailed away.

Which left Hannah with one option. She was going to have to do the one thing she had hated more than anything while she was alive.

She was going to have to make the living happy.


Posted by on February 11, 2011 in Friday flash, Online Fiction


2 responses to “Friday Flash: Death & Happiness

  1. Lara Dunning

    February 15, 2011 at 1:00 am

    What a twist of fate, or death in this case, for Hannah. Forced to make others happy, great idea.

    • Alex

      February 15, 2011 at 7:41 am

      Thanks Lara. I could have lots of fun with Hannah and her undesired need to make people happy.


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