Kindle-Love: Winning Me Over from Paper

13 Apr

This month during the AtoZ Blog Challenge, I’ve seen a lot of people talking about e-readers with many people saying that they would never give up paper because of the feel of reading a book. I used to think that way but then several things happened to convert me to an e-reader fan.

I used to own hundreds and hundreds of books that I collected from age 12 to 35. Then I became a professional organizer and turned to minimalism as a way of life. I got rid of boxes and boxes of my books and know what? I didn’t miss them. I kept the ones I knew I would read over and over and ditched the rest, freeing up my bookcases for the few books that really meant something to me.

Then I moved from Canada to Spain and stored my books at my parents’ for a while, but when I decided to stay in Spain, I chose about a dozen books that I couldn’t live without and said goodbye to the rest.

Our apartment here in Spain is 250 square feet and most of our available storage is taken up by my DJ-boyfriend’s CD collection. My dozen books have a special place on a shelf and any books I acquire usually get passed along to someone else.

Finally, I’ve always had strange eyes, using reading glasses on and off since I was 13 years old. But over the last few years age has caught up with me and now I can’t read the print of a paperback unless I’m in direct sunlight unless I’m wearing my glasses.

I started reading less and less until in 2009 I was reading maybe three or four books a year (instead of two or three a month).

I’d heard for several years about the Kindle and other e-readers and had almost bought the Sony one several times but the cost held me back. Then Amazon dropped the price of the Kindle and made it available in Spain. Suddenly my reading opportunities opened right back up.

Between my computer and my Kindle, I can have an infinitely large library without ever worrying about space. With the non-backlit screen and sizable fonts, my eyes don’t get tired and I can read without needed my glasses.

Last week I found a print copy of Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals that I’d forgotten I’d bought and so I’ve been reading that. And I hate it (not the book which is awesome – I mean the experience). The book is thick so holding it one-handed is uncomfortable and I have to twist my wrist awkwardly to read the print close to the spine. The print is also too small to read without my glasses and if I forget to insert a bookmark, I have to flip back and forth until I find my spot.

With my Kindle, I can read any-sized novel with one hand, can read the text face-on, and the Kindle remembers for me where I stop reading. Plus on the enviro-side, I’m not killing any trees when I indulge my reading addiction.


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3 responses to “Kindle-Love: Winning Me Over from Paper

  1. Jolene Stockman

    April 14, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Oh, this is brilliant 🙂 Reading your post, I just kept going “Yes! Yes!” My favorite part is where you say:

    “I can have an infinitely large library without ever worrying about space. With the non-backlit screen and sizable fonts, my eyes don’t get tired and I can read without needing my glasses.”

    This is beautiful!!! I’m sooo happy for you 🙂 (And for the world that this technology exists!) Wooohooo!!!!

  2. Gabrielle

    April 14, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    I hear you. I love my Kindle and wouldn’t swap it for the world. I get mad now if I can’t download a book on Kindle. But the thing I most love about reading on my Kindle is when I reach out to the top right hand corner as if to turn the page. It is just so similar to reading a book that I forget it’s not one. Great post.

  3. Alex

    April 14, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    @Jolene: Enjoy your Kindle when it arrives!

    @Gabrielle: When I read a paper book now, I try to press the side of the page to turn it. 😉


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