Oh-My-God Great: Jasper Fforde’s Latest Thursday Next Novel

18 Apr

After five books in a series, readers may find themselves getting tired of the series’ protagonist. I remember that in later books in the Harry Potter series I began to find him annoying. And often in long-running mystery series I need to take a break for a while from the character before returning. At the same time, however, I still care about the character and do want to know more. I’m just saturated.

Jasper Fforde, being the brilliant man that he is, solves this problem in his sixth Thursday Next book. He gives us a Thursday Next novel without Thursday, or at least without the original Thursday. Instead we get one of the fictional Thursdays as the main character, providing us with a fresh perspective while still feeling like we’re visiting an old friend. Genius!

Of course this sort of trick can only work in the highly original Bookworld that Fforde has created. In the first four books of the series, Thursday (the original) travels in and out of fiction, policing both the real world as a SpecOps (special operations) officer and as an agent of Jurisfiction in the world of novels. In the fifth book, we meet the Thursday’s fictional counterparts (the fictional versions of the first four books in the series) allowing Fforde to write a Thursday book without Thursday for the sixth.

Yes, it hurts the brain a little to think about it, but it’s such an exquisite pain.

If you’re a fan of time travel paradoxes, meta-fiction, absurd humor and strong female protagonists, then you MUST read the Thursday Next novels. Now. Seriously. What are you still doing here?

Oh right, you need a link…

Get yourself a copy of all six Thursday Next novels, plus check out Fforde’s other wow-that’s-good novels.


Posted by on April 18, 2011 in AtoZ Challenge, Book Reviews


2 responses to “Oh-My-God Great: Jasper Fforde’s Latest Thursday Next Novel

  1. nutschell

    April 18, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    sounds like an interesting read. I should check this out. thanks for sharing and nice meeting you through the a-z

    • Alex

      April 29, 2011 at 8:57 am

      @Nutschell: Hope you enjoy it as well as the rest of the series. As you can see, I love everything Fforde has written.


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