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Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass – What About Lily?

Despite nearly ruining the books by studying them in high school with all the various interpretations, I managed to hold onto my child’s love of Lewis Carroll’s two most enduring books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass.

Although I enjoy the former, the latter is by far one of my favorite books. I’ve read it so many times I can almost quote from it. I even tattooed a phrase of Humpty Dumpty’s on my forearm as a reminder of what I aim to achieve with each story I write.

However much I love the book though, something never quite felt right for me. I mean, here comes Alice all curious about the game, she plays along at the invitation of the Red Queen, then leaves before she even finishes. What about the consequences of such flippery? Specifically, there’s one character most affected, one who gets only two or three mentions at the beginning of the book then nothing else.

I’m talking about the pawn Alice replaces – the Princess Lily, daughter of the White King and Queen. Imagine growing up under the pressure of Alice’s achievements and unable to do anything about it. I don’t know about you, but I for one would be a bundle of resentment.

That’s when my current novel came to life. A sixteen-year-old Lily grumbled about how unfair life was and I decided to give her a chance to do something about it. And oh boy, does she (if you want to see how, take a look at the sneak peek that I posted a while back).

Most of my work comes to me this way. I don’t have problems with plot bunnies populating my brain with idea after idea. Instead, when I want to start a new project, I pick a situation, a setting or a person and start asking questions until something cool comes up and my muse grabs onto it, waving it in my face saying “This one! This one!”

I makes for a very calm writing life. I know that I will never run out of ideas and because I don’t let the ideas rule me, I don’t stress about where the next one will come from. I just look at my tattooed arm and remember: When I use a word [or story], it means exactly what I choose.


Today’s semi-Book Review was inspired by the topic Where I got my latest idea, this month’s topic on the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour, an ongoing tour where you, the reader, travel around the world from author’s blog to author’s blog. We have all sorts of writers at all stages in their writing career, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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