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A Year Full of Wonder… My 2012 Goals

I don’t do resolutions. I have goals. Resolutions are things that fall by the wayside a month into the year. Goals are measurable results that can be reached step by measurable step.

And thanks to a recent post by Dean Wesley Smith, my goals for 2012 are things completely under my control. I used to do goals full of numbers that were based on the actions of others. But how can I accomplish goals that I have no control over? I can’t.

So, here are my three measurable, step-by-step and under-my-control goals for 2012.

By the end of next year, I will…

Have a 4 novels* written and in a professional level production queue (editing, proofing, cover design, POD layout design);

Have 24 short stories written – 12 in circulation with magazine editors and 12 indie-published; and

Have built a newsletter following through consistent and directed marketing on Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, my blog and the blogs of Fantasy and YA book reviewers.

How about you? what do you want to have accomplished by the end of 2012?

(* Two are already written and the first draft of a third is mostly done.)


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