My Early Influences #1: The Tredana series by Joyce Ballou Gregorian

02 Feb

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been procrastinating a lot recently and one of my favorite time-wasters has been the discovery of the website, which has over 78,000 science fiction and fantasy books listed in a database. Unlike other book sites, SciFan offers a by-year-published browsing feature. I’ve had a lot of fun going through the late 70s and early 80s to find the Young Adult books that really influenced me then add them to my GoodReads list (feel free to friend me over there, eh?).

And that prompted the idea of telling you about them.

Today’s series of books (The Broken Citadel, Castledown and The Great Wheel) most certainly wasn’t one of the biggest influences in my life, but the trilogy entertained me greatly and sometimes still haunts my thoughts. The Broken Citadel was one of the first “portal fantasies” that I ever read. I think it sticks in my mind so much because while I was reading it, I played Canadian new wave band Strange Advance’s Worlds Away over and over, imprinting on my a romantic love of the series.

I know that portal fantasies are out of style these days, but the Tredana series is one of the better ones.

The series is of course out of print, and being the only books the (late) author wrote, it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever get re-issued in print or electronically, but if you can get your hand on a used copy, I’d highly recommend them.

I’ll leave you with the video…

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