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New Releases Reviews: Looking for My Next Read

Shortly after getting my Kindle, I would download samples of a bunch of new releases and do a quick read of the first few pages to decide if I wanted to buy the book or not. Although I wanted to like every book I sample, the reality is that I have limited time and money to invest in books, so it became a matter of first impressions and giving the book a pass until it did something that turned me off. I’d then post my impressions here on the blog.

After prompting by a friend who missed this section of the blog, I’ve decided to get back to it.

Remember, these are just my first impression opinions. I’m not saying any one book is bad – just that it doesn’t grab me enough to want to continue reading. If you liked a book I’ve rejected I’d love to hear why – maybe I’ll give it another chance.

I don’t read the blurb or look at the cover, so have no idea what the book is about or the image it’s trying to portray. I go by the title and the actual words.

The Chosen by Sheenah Freitas: This book lost me right off because it starts with a distance, not giving the character a name until other people call out to her. It felt too much like a script of a movie rather than a book and by the time she was named, I couldn’t care enough about her to keep going. Plus the title kind of scares me.

Bewitching by Alex Flinn: Ooh, I like this one! My inner-Buffy fan is already predisposed to liking it due to the main character’s name (Kendra), plus the premise is unique and the writing is crisp and intriguing. It’s already been downloaded and is in my to-read list.

Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer: This one opens with an artsy half-page chapter then moved into a story about a girl who doesn’t want to remember last year and who looks in the window of an airport to describe herself. The impression I get is angst and drama. No thank you.

Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix: Okay, so normally when I go through these samples, I consider myself lucky if I find one maybe in the lot of them, but here we are four books into the list, and I’ve found a second one I can’t wait to read. I’ve always loved what happens after “Happily Ever After” and this one promises me a good culture-clash. Woo hoo!

The Deserter by Peader O Guilin: The prologue kicks off with people hunting someone who is also hunting something and then I got confused by the mention of digitizing stuff… So I skipped the prologue and moved onto the first chapter where I was met with the protagonist dripping blood. I’m not a big fan of dripping blood on the first page, especially not right before lunch…

Starters by Lissa Price: Interesting concept, but the writing didn’t capture me. I found myself skimming the first few pages to figure out what the story was about. Skimming = pass. As I said, though, pretty cool concept.

That’s it for today. More later…


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