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Too Hot…

… to move, think or do anything but take cool showers ever three hours.

(I did squeeze 300 words out of my roasting-inside-my-skull brain.)

Today’s Lunch: a small ham and cheese sandwich and the later a vodka and frozen strawberry cocktail.

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What I Did Today

The important word in the title is today. You see, I have always had a problem with that word. I like tomorrow, next week, next year, but not today. Over the past six years I have been trying to learn how to live in the moment. I’ve tried any number of tricks, made innumerable plans, and listened to the advice of almost every expert on the web, so much so that I even converted into one of thosevexperts for a while.

And yet, I still focused on the future too much.

Let’s take my writing as an example. I’d take a novel, cut it into bits then plan how much I’d need to write to accomplish completely arbitrary goals. And then I’d not accomplish them, get depressed because tomorrow wouldn’t arrive the way I’d planned it.

In my latest break from writing, I finally got it. The only way to live in th moment is to live in the moment. Tomorrow doesn’t matter, next week, next month or next year don’t matter.

Only today matters. As long as I do something today, the future will take care of itself.

So on that note, here’s what I did today: added just over 800 words (that told me a lot more than I ever knew about the protagonist) to chapter three of the novel.

Today’s Lunch: Leftover pad thai that I made last night as a few-days-late anniversary dinner.


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Making Friends with an Elephant

It never ceases to amaze me how we are our own worst enemies. Last week, I stated tat description isn’t my thing, and yet by breaking down the current chapter into pieces (the old how to eat an elephant trick), I whipped through a thousand words no problem.

I really need to stop limiting myself with negative thoughts. When I was a less experienced writer description wasn’t my strong point, but that was years ago. I’ve grown and improved since then. I will never be a deep description type (like the current book I am reading that goes into great detail about the smallest actions), but when I use description to serve the plot and characterization, I do it well.

In other words, I need to get out of my own way.

How are you limiting yourself?

Today’s Lunch: (in reality yesterday’s lunch) a pintxo of tortilla de patata (a slice of deep dish potato omelette).

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At Least Something Got Done

Here on the edge of the Cantabric Sea (the Bay of Biscay), the weather can change five times in a single day, and yesterday it did just that. From cool and wet, to sweltering hot to steamy and rainy to sunny and cool and finally ending with high winds. My poor sinuses, already battling stronger than usual allergies, gave up the fight and a sinus infection took advantage of the weakness.

As you can imagine, I’m therefore not in the best state for writing today. However, I’ve told myself that I need to make a habit of writing again, so this afternoon, I went down to the cafe and did some more outlining. I now have a strong idea of chapter three of the novel (although the second of the only two characters in the chapter still eludes me, but that’s who he is – he’s wary and secretive -he even refuses to divulge his name).

Now I just need to start writing. The chapter will contain a lot of scene-setting description, necessary to move the plot forward, but description is not something I approach with much enthusiasm (to say the least). Oh yay.

Today’s Lunch: A couple yogurts since I can’t taste anything, then later at the cafe, I splurged on some spicy patatas bravas, letting the hot sauce burn through the infection a bit.

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The Stories Inside My Head

Toay I wrote another flash fiction. I wanted to try telling a whole story in a thousand words while still employing two different points of view. I think I did a decent job at it but I was left with a doubt.

You see, I’ve already written other stories about one of the characters of the story and so I have no idea if too much of the story is still in my head or not.

I’ll find once my critique partners have had a look at it.

Today’s Lunch: Rice a la griega (a half-remembered recipe from a Moosewood Cookbook – brown rice, onion, lemon, mint, spinach and feta)

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Productiveness Breeds Productiveness

Today I got more done in a few hours than I was getting done in a whole week a few months back. It started with a load of laundry as soon as I got up. That was followed by a visit to the local cafe for another editing session. I added the missing words to chapter two and outlined chapters three and four.

I did the shopping, changed the bed, did more laundry and then made today’s and tomorrow’s lunch while watching some great cheesy DIY television.

It looks so little written here but it took all morning.


Today’s Lunch: Ratatouille and Turkey Breast.

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The Return of the Writing Diary

So, I’ve ignored the blog for a very long time. I took a break from my writing in general for a bit, but I am back with a desire to return to the style of blogging that I used to do back when I first started blogging back in 2006.

What style is that, you ask?

Rather than writing pithy articles or deep thoughts, my blogging days started with simply telling people about my day to day life.

So, let’s start with today…

I have recently discovered a new writing place a block away from the house, the Taberna de Egia. It has good coffee, great tortilla de patata, and next to nobody there. I’ve been there twice so far and been quite productive.

Last week I wrote a piece of flash fiction (which is already out doing the submission rounds), and today I got back to the novel I started in NaNoWriMo last November. It’s much less of a mess than I thought, which gives me confidence to continue.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Today’s lunch: (Something else I enjoyed doing back when I started) Squash Risotto. Yummy!

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