At Least Something Got Done

21 Jun

Here on the edge of the Cantabric Sea (the Bay of Biscay), the weather can change five times in a single day, and yesterday it did just that. From cool and wet, to sweltering hot to steamy and rainy to sunny and cool and finally ending with high winds. My poor sinuses, already battling stronger than usual allergies, gave up the fight and a sinus infection took advantage of the weakness.

As you can imagine, I’m therefore not in the best state for writing today. However, I’ve told myself that I need to make a habit of writing again, so this afternoon, I went down to the cafe and did some more outlining. I now have a strong idea of chapter three of the novel (although the second of the only two characters in the chapter still eludes me, but that’s who he is – he’s wary and secretive -he even refuses to divulge his name).

Now I just need to start writing. The chapter will contain a lot of scene-setting description, necessary to move the plot forward, but description is not something I approach with much enthusiasm (to say the least). Oh yay.

Today’s Lunch: A couple yogurts since I can’t taste anything, then later at the cafe, I splurged on some spicy patatas bravas, letting the hot sauce burn through the infection a bit.

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