The Future Really Does Take Care of Itself

23 Jul

A few posts back I had a panicky moment when I realized that I’m going to run short on the novel if I keep up the same average chapter length. I got over it by telling myself to focus on the moment – the future would take care of itself if I took care of the present.

For someone who lives in the future as much as I do, this was a huge leap of faith. I am committed, however, to this new in-the-moment way of life, so I jumped.

And surprise, surprise, I’ve landed safely.

On Friday, while looking at chapter seven (another mostly written chapter), I decided I wanted to add another piece of world-building, something about the greater events that are going on outside the main character’s knowledge and for that I need to add a scene that hints at these external events. If I add it to the chapter, however, it will make it far too long. So, I cut the chapter in two and made notes about adding in other new material that would add depth to the characters.

Yes, that’s right, in one stroke I’ve added another roughly 4500 planned words to the novel. By focusing on what was necessary in the moment rather than on possibilties in the future, I’ve gone a long way to solving my word count shortage problem.

Then, when I started writing today, I whipped through nearly 2000 words of editing and new writing, leaving me in a good spot to start the new conspiracy-hinting scene tomorrow.

That leap of faith? It’s turning into a bridge of confidence.

P.S. That confidence got an added boost last night when talking to one of my first readers who had read a second short story set in the same world as Kitchen Ambitions. This reader is a very good friend who has never had a problem with honest criticism, and anyway, she said that she sees significant progress in my storytelling between the first and second stories. Woohoo!

Today’s Lunch: A chicken and cheese bocata on the train to the beach in a nearby town because sometimes it’s more fun to do the same thing as always somewhere else.

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One response to “The Future Really Does Take Care of Itself

  1. Erin

    July 24, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Leap of faith, bridge of confidence . . . sounds like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 😀

    Hooray for validation of being in the moment!


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