A Plot Explosion

24 Jul

While doing the dishes today, a plot exploded in my head. For other artists out there, you know what that feels like and I don’t need to describe it. For non-creative types, I can only tell you that it’s like the apex of a drug trip or that moment just after sex – bliss, tranquility, possibility, energy, and a desire for more. And yet nothing at all like any of that.

Suffice to say, it made my day.

The best part of the explosion? The idea will make me stretch myself as a writer. I tend to write single protagonist stories with relatively straightforward plots. This new idea, which would be a direct sequel to a finished novel of mine, would require seven point of view characters (at least) and interweaving plots that draw them together as a three thousand year old social structure collapses down around them.

Scary? You bet, but as Patricia C. Wrede often points out on her blog, one of the reasons artists create is to do things we have never done, to reach past our (self-imposed) limitations and discover what we are capable of. Or as Wrede puts it: to learn something new each book.

P.S. I also added 1000 more edited words to the current novel.

Today’s Lunch: Stew and sponge cake (not at the same time) made by a friend’s mother given to us for fixing her TV reception.

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Posted by on July 24, 2012 in Am Writing


One response to “A Plot Explosion

  1. Erin

    July 24, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    Hooray for a new plot, and extra cheers for something that stretches your talents! That’s terrific!


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